Interview: Harriet Kelsall of HK Jewellery Design

I’ve known Harriet since the late 1990’s – from the days when we both worked at the same big technology consulting firm. As you’ve probably guessed by now Harriet no longer does tech consulting. I spoke with Harriet this morning and here’s her story… Why Jewellery? And what inspired you to start a business in […]

Interview: Kurt Stewart of Volcano Coffee Works

Wake-up and smell the coffee folks! I’d never visited a coffee roastery before, let alone one hidden within the depths of the old Pye Electronics building in South East London.

Interview: Tim d’Offay of Postcard Teas

As I sit down to write this, I’m pleasantly distracted by the architectural tea leaves in a pot beside me of Master Liu’s Autumn Moon White Tea. This tea is from the leaves of 800-year-old trees on Mount Mengsong in China. It’s a very special tea from a very special shop.