Cloud Accounting ‘Peace of Mind’: FreeAgent Review

I’ve been grappling with ‘doing the books & records’ for my own small businesses since 2001, and it’s always been stressful and tedious. I’m sure I’ve lost hair & reduced my life expectancy by several years trying to reconcile spreadsheets of numbers: for invoices, expenses, bills, paid, due, overdue, straddling accounting periods. And that was just for […]

Why Your Small Business Should Be On Pinterest

Oh no! There’s a new social network in town. If you’re still trying to get your head around Google+ then this one is simplicity itself. Not only that, but in January, it drove more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Reddit & MySpace combined. And, it’s growing its percentage share of total referral traffic faster than […]

7 Reasons Your Google Apps & Social Media Data is At Risk

Here on planet Earth, in 2012, the number of small businesses and startups that should not be networking, communicating, collaborating and organising online, is fast approaching zero. Hint: ‘Online’ is where customers, employees and partners are. Google Apps With good reason, many small businesses today are using Google Apps to email, schedule time, produce and […]

The 10 Best Business Book Reads of 2011 including the One About the World’s First Blogger

I aim to read one business book a week, but generally only manage 2 or 3 a month. I see reading books as one of the best possible investments in time but I want the very best return. I’m very careful about choosing the next book. I research and cross-check before ordering. Equally, the more […]

Setup An Automated Online Store: Shopify Review

Want to sell products to 2 billion+ online consumers but don’t know where to start? Been offered crazy ‘all-over-the-shop’ quotes for a basic website with a PayPal button? Worried about security? For your customers and for you? Been thinking that getting a website up and running is one thing but getting it found by customers is […]