Cross-post Your WordPress Content to Facebook

Do you want to automatically cross-post your WordPress content to Facebook?

If so, you’re in luck because yesterday Facebook launched a new WordPress plugin to do just that, plus more:
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Why Your Local Business Needs to be on Google+ Local & Not Google Places

Google Local

If you run a local business and you had a Google Places page then you were already ahead of much of your competition. Having a Google Places page used to be a smart move (if done right) not least because when the eight out of 10 people (Comscore) who want something locally do their research online – […]

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Put Your Small Business on the Map: With BatchGeo


What if… How useful would an online map be for your customers? Driving directions or a store locator perhaps: with popup details at each place? What if a customer could use a map on your site to route them in their car using their onboard GPS? What if you could visualise on a map where all […]

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Startup Loans for Young Entrepreneurs

Image by Fijian Scion @Flickr

Great news … if you want to launch a business and you’re aged between 18 & 24. A new scheme to help you startup in business was launched yesterday. The Startup Loans scheme is backed by the UK government and chaired by James Caan of Dragons Den fame. Joining the scheme gets you: A loan […]

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How Live Chat Can Boost Your Small Business


How often have you not made a purchase, booked an appointment, or made a trip to a local business because you couldn’t quickly & easily get an answer to a simple question from the people behind a website? What is Live Chat? Live Chat is a way for a potential customer or client to type […]

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How to Get a £10,000 Loan for Your Small Business in 15 Minutes

Cash flow for your small business

Your business urgently needs to borrow £10,000 for 3 weeks. You need it within 24 hours. What do you do? Maybe a big customer missed a payment, or you’ve got to cover an unusually large VAT bill. You’ve maxed out on your bank overdraft, and you don’t have time to get your suit dry-cleaned, arrange an appointment […]

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How I Got a 500%+ Increase in Traffic – by Moving Domains

Image by Stuck in Customs @Flickr

I made some small tweaks to this site last night… …when I checked my Google Analytics this morning, I was amazed to find that organic search traffic had increased by more than 500% overnight. The background Before getting carried away, I want to make a few things clear: This site is only 5 weeks old […]

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How to Rock Your Digital Music Business


Are you an aspiring and talented musician? This article will help you to use the internet to spread your music, find your true fans, and build a business that looks after itself – and you. Not so long ago if you wanted to make a living from your music then you’d have no option but […]

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Cloud Accounting ‘Peace of Mind’: FreeAgent Review


I’ve been grappling with ‘doing the books & records’ for my own small businesses since 2001, and it’s always been stressful and tedious. I’m sure I’ve lost hair & reduced my life expectancy by several years trying to reconcile spreadsheets of numbers: for invoices, expenses, bills, paid, due, overdue, straddling accounting periods. And that was just for […]

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Lessons on “Intimacy” from an Indian Rock Band


I was lucky enough to catch India’s leading contemporary fusion rock band Indian Ocean perform live this week in New Delhi. The last time I was in India was 12 years ago! Formed in 1990, music critics have described the band’s music as “Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms that integrates shlokas, sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution.” Indian Ocean describe themselves […]

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